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Kasco Marine: C-20 120volt, Time and Temperature Control Panel for Deicer

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Kasco C-20 120V Time and Temperature De-Icer Control Panel

The Kasco C-20 Timer and Temperature control panel is specifically crafted for 120V Kasco Deicers. Your deicer will only operate once the C-20 thermostat and timer have been activated based on your selected setting, making this control panel option energy efficient and cost effective. Ideal for areas where winter temperatures are consistently well below freezing.  

  • Efficiently control activation time and temperature for your deicer
  • Energy Saving and Cost Effective Design 
  • Auto/On Switch for automatic timer control
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty for added assurance 

Choose a location for mounting the C-20 control panel that avoids direct sunlight, this will help protect from internal over heating. For more accurate thermostat measurements, mount in a shaded area. Position it near a GFCI-protected 120V outlet, allowing sufficient slack in the power cord. Mount at an assessable height above ground level and secure using corrosion resistant screws. Operate with door closed to keep salt air away from internal components. When Not in use during the warmer months, store indoors, this will help extend the life of your controller unit. The C-20 is designed to operate only one Kasco de-icer at a time.  See User Manual For Complete guidance and recommendations for your Kasco C-20 120V Control Panel. 

Deicers generate localized currents as the run for extended periods. Optimal effectiveness is achieved through fewer longer operation cycles rather than frequent, shorter ones. Regularly Observe all deicing installations to to detect any potential issues early. Various factors such as wind , snow, and cold temperatures, can influence freeze rates and lead to varying deicing results.

Warning: Under no circumstance should anyone enter the water while a unit is in operation. 



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