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Timers for Scott Aerator Fountains & Aerators

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If you own an outdoor fountain, aerator, or pond pump, you might have considered the best way to maintain and manage your water features. According to the U.S. Energy Information, average electricity bill increased by 8-15% in 2023. Running a fountain or water feature continuously may not be necessary, and it can lead to higher energy costs and wear and tear on your equipment. Intermatic timers are the solution you need. Simplify your life while enhancing performance and efficiency.  

Intermatic timers offer a simple solution. You can program your outdoor fountain timers, Aerator timers, pond pump timers or fountain lights timers to run during specific hours when you are most likely to enjoy their beauty. This not only saves energy but also prolongs the life of your pond accessories.  

Whether you require an industrial rated timer or outdoor fountain timers, Intermatic timers are perfect for your needs. If your fountains and aerators run on 230V, you got to try the Grasslin GM40AV timer. A plain design and easy-to-follow wiring diagram make this fountain timer great for commercial and residential applications. It comes with a manual on/off override, and you can have multiple run schedules for a 24-hour period. Good news you do not have to lubricate them as they are self-lubricating. This 40-amp timer is at 5 HP maximum at 230 volts.  

Need something more sophisticated? The Intermatic timing center comes with two timers in a box. It has a tamper-proof design that makes it unmatchable for both commercial and residential applications. Do not worry about the accessories as it comes with mounting hardware and all the instructions you need.  

If you are confused about the selection, feel free to give us a call or email us. We will be happy to help. Do not let rising energy costs and the hassle of maintenance drain your resources.  

Make the smart choice and start managing your outdoor water features with Intermatic timers now. Your wallet and your water features will thank you.   


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