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Pond Skimmers

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Quick Facts   Installs inside the liner eliminating any chance of leaks Skimmer comes complete with molded debris basket, filter pad and lid Strong, ribbed design holds shape perfectly and all...
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Quick Facts   Max Flow Rate   80gpm/4800gph Weir   7" Dimensions   21"W x 22"L x 21"H Weight   26   Eco-Series skimmers install inside the liner – no silicone, no bolts, no tools! Perfe...

Pond skimmers: A must have equipment for your pond maintenance 

Keeping your dream pond clean can feel like a constant battle against leaves, twigs, and other debris. That's where EasyPro pond skimmers come in, filtering out unwanted invaders before they have a chance to muck things up. Pond skimmers play a crucial role in maintaining the health and aesthetics of bodies of water, be it small ponds or large aquatic ecosystems. 

Organic matter like leaves and fish waste may seem harmless, but as they decompose, they release ammonia, a toxic gas that destroys your pond ecosystem. High ammonia levels stress fish, harm beneficial bacteria, and cloud your water, turning your dream into a murky nightmare .EasyPro pond skimmers tackle this problem head-on by intercepting floating debris before it sinks acting as little vacuum cleaners for your pond surface. 

Small pond skimmers, equipped with their efficient pond skimmer parts, quietly remove debris from the surface of the water, leaving behind a pristine aquatic life to thrive. These well-designed devices consist of a floating box or basket attached to a pump system that pulls in unwanted materials such as leaves, twigs, and insects through an intake opening. The collected debris then settles into the removable filter media within the skimmer structure for easy maintenance and clean disposal. For those inclined towards hands-on approaches, DIY pond skimmer filters provide an excellent opportunity to customize this essential component according to personal preferences or specific environmental needs. 

Location is key for optimal skimmer performance. Ideally, position your skimmer opposite the waterfall or water return, harnessing the natural current to efficiently draw debris towards it. Don't let floating debris steal the sparkle from your pond. 

Explore our wide range of pond skimmers. With the right skimmer on your side, you can spend less time battling pond muck and more time enjoying your aquatic paradise. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in an EasyPro skimmer today and let the good times roll! 


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