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EasyPro Aerators

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PA34W Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System – 1/4 HP Kit with Quick Sink Tubing PA34W features: 1/4 hp Stratus SRC25 Gen 2 compressor with two year warranty Outlet assembly with pressure relief,...
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Aeration Kit for Ponds up to 1 acre Maximum operation depth of 50 feet 1/4 hp Stratus SRC25 Gen 2 compressor with two year warranty Includes hardware for either post mounted OR ground mount...
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As an authorized dealer, PotoPond partners with EasyPro to deliver top-quality aeration systems to the market. EasyPro is one of the industry's leading producer of sub-surface, bottom-diffused-air aeration systems. If you need help selecting an EasyPro aerator, reach out to our team today!

EasyPro Pond Products Aerators: Choosing the Right Guardian for Your Pond 

Your pond is a vibrant ecosystem but like any living thing, it needs oxygen to breathe. That's where EasyPro Pond Products aerators come in, offering a range of options to keep your aquatic haven thriving. With many models, picking the right EasyPro Pond Products aerator for your pond can be confusing. This guide will help you choose the perfect one.  

First things first, let's discuss size. Your pond isn't just a pretty face, it has a number of its gallon capacity. This number dictates the oxygen boost you need. EasyPro Pond Products caters to every pond size, from the cozy backyard ponds to the sprawling lakes. 

EasyPro Pond Products CAS Aerator Series: A Pond-Sized Showdown 

Pond Size (Gallons) 



Up to 1,000 

CAS Single Outlet 


Up to 2,000 

CAS Dual Outlet 


Up to 3,500 

CAS Quad Outlet 


But your pond's unique right? So why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach? 

EasyPro Pond Products has your back with aerators designed for specific shapes and depths. For shallow ponds where traditional diffusers might cause mayhem, the Shallow Pond Kit is a lifesaver. Its specially designed diffuser hugs the bottom, gently aerating without disturbing the delicate ecosystem. 

And for those sleek, modern ponds where aesthetics matter, the LA Series Linear Kits are the answer. These small devices fit in your water garden, with ribbon-like diffusers underwater, quietly doing their tasks.  

Pro Tips for Pond Aeration System :  

Choosing the right aerator is just the first step. Here are some pro tips to keep your pond happy and healthy:  

  • Over-achieve, not under-achieve: When in doubt, opt for a slightly larger aerator than your calculations suggest. Your fish will thank you later.  
  • Location: Place your diffusers strategically, ensuring good water circulation and avoiding areas with heavy debris.  
  • Listen to your pond: Monitor oxygen levels regularly, especially during hot weather. A dip in oxygen is a cry for help!  
  • Embrace automation: Invest in a timer for automatic operation and energy savings. Your wallet and the planet will high-five you.  
  • DIY or SOS? If you're handy, DIY installation is a breeze. But for the faint of hearts, professional help is always available. 

A happy pond reflects your dedication and care. Explore our range of products to Get yours today!


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