Building a Pond? 7 Essential Items on the Pond Construction Checklist

Building a Pond? 7 Essential Items on the Pond Construction Checklist


7 Essential Items on the Pond Construction Checklist

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned gardening enthusiast, having an effective checklist in place is essential for building a pond. There are lots of things to remember, especially if you want your pond construction to be a success.

In this blog, we’re sharing our essential pond building checklist, ideal for anyone wondering how to build a pond or what items are necessary to do so.

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7 Supplies You’ll Need for Building a Pond

1.    Pond Liner


Once you’ve excavated the perfect spot in your garden, it’s crucial to invest in a sturdy pond liner. Used for both household and commercial projects, this smart liquid-retaining material keeps your pond water in the hole and stops it from seeping into the ground for good.


Top tip: make sure to dig out any rocks or sharp roots that might pierce your pond liner!

2.    High-Quality Pond Pump


For ponds of every size, a high-quality pond pump will provide some much-needed movement to your water, encouraging effective aeration to maintain the oxygen levels for a healthy ecosystem. There are various options on the market to serve your unique purposes, including solar pumps, air pumps and pressure pumps.

3.    Effective Pond Filter


Pond filters aren’t strictly essential, especially if you’re only building a nature pond or plan on having a small number of fish roaming your waters. However, if you’re creating an expansive Koi pond with a large ecosystem of plants and swimmers, a filtration system is a great way to keep it clear of algae and debris for healthier water.


4.    Beneficial Bacteria


While many pond owners opt for a UV clarifying system to keep their pond free from algae, beneficial bacteria can be a cheaper and more effective alternative. Added to your pond in liquid, powder or pellet form, this smart and healthy bacteria breaks down sludge and fish waste to keep your pond free from an algae invasion.


Top tip: check out our beneficial bacteria blog to find out everything you need to know.

5.    Pond Filtration Tubing


To plumb in your pond for effective water circulation, pond filtration tubing should be an essential addition to your shopping list. Usually made of black PVC, these rigid or flexible tubes are necessary to connect your entire pumping system to your water.

6.    Edging Material


If you’re considering the cost of building a pond, it’s important to factor in your edging material as part of your budget. Available in the form of rocks, stones or bricks, edging keeps your pond liner secure and stops it from folding in on itself once the hole is filled.


Top tip: Sourcing large rocks can be unexpectedly expensive, so why not try searching for second-hand freebies instead?

7.    Fish, Plants and Decor


Now for the exciting part! If you’ve been planning on building a pond for a while, you’re probably most looking forward to adding plants, fish and decorative items to your setup. Whether you opt for an eye-catching fountain or a pond dye for an ocean-like finish, you’re bound to enjoy exploring all of the options available to you.



So, that’s the end of our checklist for people ‘pondering’ over how to build a pond. For all of your essential aeration and algae-avoiding supplies, head over to ProntoPond now to shop thousands of high-quality products. 


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