EasyPro: Pond-Vive Bacteria – 50lb box – Bulk Loose Powder

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Quick Facts


  • For best results use when temperatures are above 55° F.
  • Apply 4 to 6 lbs. per surface acre every two weeks (eight ounce scoop included).
  • Use the higher dosage on older ponds or ponds higher levels of sludge/muck.
  • An initial application should be doubled to jump start the process.
  • Reduce sludge buildup
  • Eliminate pond odors
  • Improve water clarity
  • Reduce oxygen demand
  • Eliminate excess nutrients
  • Concentration level of 5 billion colony forming units per gram
  • Growth nutrient to stimulate bacteria
  • Enzymes which break down waste to more digestible form for the bacteria – speeds up the process!
  • Cold water bacteria for results in temperatures as low as 38°F
  • Pulverized barley straw additive


The natural, biological way to revive your pond.

The use of Pond-Vive beneficial pond bacteria has proven to be one of the best tools, along with aeration, that a pond owner can use to maintain water quality. Beneficial bacteria help to consume and digest decaying organic material. When left in a pond this decaying material will contribute to water quality problems and increased sludge (muck) on the pond bottom. Regular use of Pond-Vive beneficial bacteria will help improve water quality and overall enjoyment of your pond.

 Avoid using copper based algaecides for 48 hours within application of Pond-Vive.


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