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Scott Aerator: White LED Lights

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  • This light set is suitable for all Scott Aerator fountains and floating aerators.
  • Light sets simply screw on to fountain/aerator float. Can be purchased with pump now or added later.
  • Warm white LED lights come with stainless steel lights and mounting brackets, power cable, and weatherproof transformer with fully programmable digital timer.
  • Lights run on 110V.
    • Durable exterior grade power supply.
    • 9 Watts Per Fixture.
    • 1230 Lumens.
    • 2800K Warm White.
    • Two year warranty on fixtures and brackets, one year warranty on transformer and power cord


    These warm white LED lights offer a stunning nighttime display at a great price. These 2, 3 and 4 light sets install in minutes to your new or existing fountain and feature stainless-steel fixtures and brackets. Long-lasting, energy efficient and simple to use, these LED lights will create a stunning focal point to your outdoor paradise.


    Installing the lights yourself? Be sure to include the transformer/timer — this is not an optional component. Cutting this off and wiring the fixtures directly to 110-volt power will burn them out and void the warranty! If utilizing these lights for 2HP or above fountain, we recommend ordering the 4 light kit set.



    scenic view lake during dawn