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Improve Water Quality with Surface Aerators

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Motor Size Acres Aerated Spray H x W 1/2 HP 1 Acre 7' H x 12' W 3/4 HP 1.25 Acre 7' H x 12' W 1 HP 1.5 Acre 8' H x 14' W 1.5 HP 2 Acres 12' H x 18' W 2 HP 3 Acres 12' H x 1...
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60-cell, 300 watt, high-efficiency solar module (39" x 65"), with fully adjustable top-of-pole racking Individual rocker-style circuit breakers 2 — High-efficiency, brushless, rocking-pisto...
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60-cell, 300 watts, high-efficiency solar module (39" x 65"), with fully adjustable top-of-pole racking. Individual rocker-style circuit breakers High-efficiency, brushless, rocking-piston ...

Boost water clarity with Pond Surface Aeration 

Maintaining an active surface aerator is crucial to ensure year-round water quality in your pond or lake. Scott Surface Aerators are designed for one primary purpose: to oxygenate water. By creating a strong, consistent flow of water and promoting gas exchange at the surface, these lagoon aerators improve water quality and prevent stagnation. Plus, you'll enjoy a more pleasant, odor-free waterbody. 

At ProtoPond, we provide top-tier surface aerators for ponds and lakes, showcasing products from two renowned brands: Scott Aerator and Bearon Aquatics. Our product range is designed to excel in ponds ranging from half an acre to five acres. The voltage options span from 115 to 230 volts. Whether you prefer to shop by brand, pond size, or voltage, you'll find the perfect surface aeration system for your unique setup right on this page. 

Discover our range of floating surface aerators, replacement motors, mounts, and other essential supplies, all designed with perfection to boost and reduce debris and algae growth. Scott Surface Aerators are user-friendly, easy to install, and require minimal supervision, saving you valuable time and resources. The trumpet-like spray patterns of these surface aerators shoot water into the air, boosting the oxygen and creating a relaxing environment in your backyard.  

If you're in search of top-quality powerhouse aerators and related parts, explore our product offerings today. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance in making the right choice and start your shopping trip with us!


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