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Scott Aerator North Star Display Aerator

Vendor Scott Aerator

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H x W

1/2 HP 1 Acre 7' H x 12' W
3/4 HP 1.25 Acre 7' H x 12' W
1 HP 1.5 Acre 8' H x 14' W
1.5 HP 2 Acres 12' H x 18' W
2 HP 3 Acres 12' H x 18' W
3 HP 4 Acres 12' H x 18' W

  • Floating pond & lake fountain built for powerful aeration & water circulation. Our highest recommended aerating fountain.
  • Includes fountain motor, float, debris screen and power cord. 
  • Optional LED lights and timers available. Can be purchased with initial order or added to fountain later.
  • Available in 1/2, 3/4 HP, 1 HP, 1.5, 2, and 3 HP. 
  • Oil-free, water-cooled motor.
  • Approved for use in salt water.
  • ARL tested and approved to be in compliance with the applicable requirements of UL and the National Electric Code as complete packages.
  • Common Applications include Residential Ponds, HOA Community Ponds, Golf Course Ponds, Recreational Ponds & Lakes, Commercial Properties, Country Clubs, Retention Ponds, Farm Ponds and Business Parks.


4 Season Operation

    • Fountain can be left in water year-round, including winter months.
    • Able to operate in all temperatures.
    • During winter months, unit should run 24/7 or be shut off entirely. Once pond thaws in the springtime, simply turn the unit back on.


    5 Year Warranty

    • All standard Scott Aerator Company products are warranted to the original owner for five years against motor defects in materials or workmanship, no questions asked.
    • The unit must be returned to the factory prior to shipment of replacement parts.
    • Neither ProtoPond nor the Scott Aerator Company will be liable for consequential damage nor for any costs associated with removal or attempts to repair components in the field.


    Required Pond Depth




    Pond Depth

    1/2 HP 34" 
    3/4 HP 36"
    1 HP 36"
    1.5 HP 38"
    2 HP 42'
    3 HP 60"


    Amp Draw & Average Hourly Cost







    1/2 HP 115V 10 $0.07
    1/2 HP 230V 5 $0.07
    3/4 HP 115V 11.5 $0.09
    3/4 HP 230V 8.2 $0.10
    1 HP 115V 11.5 $0.12
    1 HP 230V 8.2 $0.13
    1.5 HP 230V 10.6 $0.20
    3 HP 230V 14 $0.33

     *Average cost is calculated using the U.S. national average cost per killowatthour. Rates will vary regionally.


    Cable Size & Max Distance From Fountain to Breaker

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