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Please note that 115V units are only compatible with power cords up to 100ft in length from the breaker to the fountain.  If you are needing a longer power cord length, please go up to our 230V units to avoid amperage drops.  

L6-20 plug is required by the 230V and a 20 amp double pole breaker.

* Call for 2HP, 3HP pricing.

 3/4 HP Spray Sizes

Spray Pattern Spray Size
Gusher 30' H x 6' W
Cambridge 25' H x 35' W
Baystone 10' H x 25' W
Millbrook 12' H x 25' W
Tudor 10' H x 35' W

 1 HP Spray Sizes

Spray Pattern Spray Size
Gusher 35' H x 6' W
Cambridge 30' H x 40' W
Baystone 14' H x 30' W
Millbrook 15' H x 30' W
Tudor 12' H x 40' W

  • Floating pond & lake fountain with 5 interchangeable display patterns.
  • Designed for 24-hour, 4-season operation. 
        • Easy installation, requires no maintenance

        • Available in 3/4 HP and 1 HP.
        • Approved for use in salt water.
          • 5-year motor warranty.
          • ARL tested and approved to be in compliance with the applicable requirements of UL and the National Electric Code as complete packages.
          • GFCI required. Please disconnect power source when swimmers are present. 
          • Common Applications include HOA’s, Golf Courses, Recreational Ponds & Lakes, Commercial Properties, Country Clubs, Retention Ponds, Farm Ponds and Business Parks.

            Five Fountains in One!

            The Great Lakes Fountain provides a versatile, beautiful water feature that improves the health of your pond. Five different brass nozzles are included with this fountain, each of which can be easily changed — tool-free!

            The Great Lakes Fountain offers a variety of elegant stream options:

            • a layered, beautiful style from the “Baystone” nozzle
            • a striking, cascading style from the “Cambridge” nozzle
            • a wider, cascading style from the “Tudor” nozzle
            • a cone-shaped, elegant style from the “Millbrook” nozzle
            • a more traditional geyser style from the “Gusher” nozzle

            Any of the five options will provide a dynamic, aesthetically pleasing addition to your pond or lakescape while helping to maintain water clarity and oxygen levels, while promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

            The Great Lakes Fountain is manufactured utilizing a stainless steel, oil-free, submersible motor and pump, making it the most environmentally friendly fountain on the market.

            The Scott Aerator Company has engineered all of its water features to eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming winterization. Simply leave your fountain in the water, turn off its power supply, and forget about it all winter. Once the water thaws in the spring, re-establish power to the unit and you’re good to go. All components will withstand sub-zero conditions without damage.

            The Great Lakes Fountain is proudly manufactured in the USA and carries an unconditional 5-year motor warranty.

             Minimum Pond Size

            Pump Size Min. Pond Size
            3/4 HP 0.25 Acre
            1 HP 0.25 Acre

            Required Water Depth

            Pump Size Min. Depth
            3/4 HP 36"
            1 HP 36"


             Electrical Specs & Avg. Hourly Cost

            Pump Size


            Avg. Cost/kWh

            3/4 HP 115V 11.5 $0.09
            3/4 HP 230V 8.2
            1 HP 115V 11.5 $0.12
            1 HP 230V 8.2 $0.13

             *Average cost is calculated using the U.S. national average cost per killowatthour. Rates will vary regionally.


             Cable Size & Max Distance From Fountain to Breaker

            Pump Size #12 #10 #8
            3/4 HP 115V 125’ 200’ 300’
            3/4 HP 230V 480' 760' 1200'
            1 HP 115V 100' 150’ 225'
            1 HP 230V 400' 630' 990'

            Motor & Pump 5 Years
            Non-Electric Fountain Components 1 Year
            Power Cable 1 Year
            Light Fixtures & Brackets 2 Years
            Light Transformer 1 Year
            Fountain Timers 1 Year
            • Q: How do I choose a fountain?
            • A: This is a loaded question, and the most common one that we get. Our first question would be: is the goal aeration, aesthetics or both? If the goal is aeration or both, we recommend checking out one of our Aerating Fountains. These have a much higher flow rate than our aesthetic fountains and will circulate a larger volume of water. If the goal is aesthetics, there are many different options to discuss. A lot of this will be largely up to you, and what you want it to look like. The biggest things you want to determine are first, that your pond meets the minimum depth requirements and second that the display size isn’t too large for it. We have display dimensions on all fountain product pages.

            • Q: If I want to buy a fountain, how do I choose the horsepower?
            • A: The horsepower is simply the size of the motor which will determine the size of the spray pattern. You will want to make sure that your pond meets the minimum depth requirements for whatever horsepower you choose, and ensure that the spray won’t be splashing the sides of the pond. Generally, if your pond is a quarter acre or larger, you can fit any of the fountains that we carry (depending on the shape of the pond). The horsepower you choose will depend on how big you want it to look and the budget that you’re working with. 


            • Q: Do I need to hire someone to install my fountain?
            • A: If you do not already have a power source installed by the pond, we strongly advise consulting a licensed electrician to install the power source. Once the power source is installed, installation of our fountains is pretty straightforward. All of our fountains simply float in the middle of the pond, are anchored on two sides by nylon rope and cinder blocks, and plug in via submersible cord to the power source on the edge of the pond. We have many customers that choose to install their own fountains and save money on installation. This of course depends on the resources available to you.

            • Q: How do I choose between 110-120V and 220-240V?
            • A: A good rule of thumb is: If the power source at the edge of your pond is more than 70 feet from your main breaker, choose 210-240V. You will of course need to ensure that your power source is equipped to accommodate the higher voltage. This will ensure that your fountain gets ample power in order to run consistently. If you choose the lower voltage and the pond is too far away from the main breaker, your fountain will run intermittently, will shut off immediately after turning it on or will not display to its fullest size. Please call us with any questions.


            • Q: Are lights automatically included?
            • A: Lights are not automatically included. They can be purchased at the same time as your fountain or at a later date. They simply snap on to the floating unit. They are well worth it.

            • Q: Why is the power cord so expensive?
            • A: This is largely dictated by the cost of materials. Depending on the make of your fountain, the power cord is made of 14-gauge copper or stainless steel wire, all the way down to 4-gauge copper or stainless steel wire (depending on the size of the fountain and length of power cord).


            • Q: Can my fountain be left in the water during the winter?
            • A: Only Scott Aerator Fountains are built to operate through the winter. They should either be run continuously or shut off entirely for winter months. Once the water thaws, simply turn them back on.
            Oil Free Motor
            all season operation

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