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Beautify Your Pond with Display Aeration

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Important Manufacturer Note from Scott Aerator: Please note that 115V units are only compatible with power cords up to 100ft in length from the breaker to the fountain.  If you are needing a long...
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Motor Size Acres Aerated Spray H x W 1/2 HP 1 Acre 7' H x 12' W 3/4 HP 1.25 Acre 7' H x 12' W 1 HP 1.5 Acre 8' H x 14' W 1.5 HP 2 Acres 12' H x 18' W 2 HP 3 Acres 12' H x 1...
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Get the bet bang for your buck with one of Scott Aerator's display aerators. These display aerators offer an excellent mix of proper aeration as well as a beautiful display. ProtoPond carries a wide variety of sizes and power of display aerators. If you have questions, contact our team today!

Upgrade Your Pond's Charm with a Scott Aerator DA-20 Display Aerator  

If you have a pond or lake as a water feature, you know the significance of maintaining its health and beauty. Efficient pond aeration is important, and the Scott Aerator DA-20 is a reliable aerator on the market to do so. Made in the USA, this display aerator has a strong motor and is durable and stylish with its stainless-steel design.  

At the heart of its appeal is the unconditional 5-year motor warranty, providing you with unmatched peace of mind. Scott Aerator relies on the DA-20's quality and durability, guaranteeing long-lasting pond aeration with this warranty.  

The Scott Aerator DA-20 display aerator has a stainless-steel oil free motor. It helps effectively aerate ponds and offers different display patterns. 

The trumpet-shaped spray of this aerator goes up to 10 feet tall and 25 feet wide for the largest horsepower and offers a visually stunning display. The aerator requires no weights or tethers for stability, simplifying installation and maintenance.  

Scott display pond aerator also cleans water by adding oxygen, promoting a healthy aquatic environment. Its efficient design helps minimize pesky insects, making your water feature more enjoyable for you and your guests.  

Say goodbye to stagnant water and hello to a vibrant and thriving pond with the Scott Aerator DA-20. Invest in the Scott Aerator DA-20 today and experience the difference. Your pond deserves the best, and the DA-20 is here to deliver. Shop now for a water feature that stands out in beauty and health! 


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