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EasyPro: SBB-50B Sludge Remover Bacteria Blocks, 50lb box

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Quick Facts


  • Apply one 1 oz. block per 1000 gallons of water weekly.
  • For heavy sludge applications, apply two 1 oz. blocks per 1000 gallons of water weekly until desired results are achieved.
  • For heavy sludge applications apply two 1 oz. blocks per 1000 gallons of water weekly.
  • For Large Ponds – Apply 15 to 20 blocks per 1/4 acre every two weeks.
  • This unique formulation is produced using a “no mess” block, which immediately begins to dissolve upon contact with water
  • Reduces toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphate
  • Reduces murky water caused by organic wastes
  • Reduces organic bottom sludge (muck)
  • Reduces odors
  • Safe for fish, pets and family
  • Cold water strains for effectiveness down to 45°F


Sludge Remover Bacteria blocks contain a proven blend of enzyme producing pond bacteria which naturally reduce odor causing, decomposing organic debris and muck. Sludge is the result of fish waste, dead algae or plant material, uneaten fish food, leaves and other debris. Blocks simply dissolve in the water for easy application in water gardens and koi ponds.




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