Scott Aerator: Bubble Pro Max Sub-Surface Aerator - Up to 3 Acres

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  • 1/2 HP rocking-piston compressor 115 V or 230 V
  • 100-foot by 3/8" Quick Sink weighting tube
  • Valved air outlet assembly with individual controls for each hose and pressure relief valve
  • Area covered:
    • 3/4 acre at 5 to 8-foot pond depth
    • 1-1/2 acres at 9 to 12-foot pond depth
    • 3 acres at 13 to 16-foot pond depth


Adding a sub-surface aeration system is a great way to boost water quality and oxygen levels while maintaining the natural appearance of your pond. This style of aerator has three diffuser modules that sit at the bottom of the pond, connected by weighted tubing which is in turn connected to an air compressor onshore. The compressor pumps much-needed air to the bottom of your pond, ensuring adequate oxygen levels during hot summer months.


Motor & Pump 5 Years
Non-Electric Fountain Components 1 Year
Power Cable 1 Year
Light Fixtures & Brackets 2 Years
Light Transformer 1 Year
Fountain Timers 1 Year
scenic view lake during dawn